Motorola announces budget friendly Android smartphones in China


Mobility announces the launch of budget friendly Android smartphone. The
fashionable Motorola smartphone offers a full QWERTY keyboard with touchscreen
display, interchangeable fashion jackets and ultimate personalization options
users expect from the fun and versatile Android platform.


Motorola XT316 is now
available in China and will be available
starting in mid-July in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Latin America.
It will be available throughout the rest of Asia
and in Europe later this summer.


Motorola XT316
has a sleek, modern design and a sophisticated finish. Its full QWERTY keyboard
and 2.8-inch touchscreen display provide the perfect combination of tools for
emailing, texting and browsing the Web. Users can stay in constant contact with
friends and family through the world’s leading social media applications. And,
Motorola XT316 transitions seamlessly between work and play, with a
friends-centric widget to make it easier to manage contacts.  


XT316 also comes with best-in-class battery life, allowing users to talk,
browse the Web, text, play games and videos all day long. Motorola XT316 also
has the Moto Switch user interface, which allows users to switch to a
friends-centric mode when they finish work and head home for the day.


a fun, beautiful design and a great package of social media options, Motorola
XT316 gives busy users the smartphone experience they crave at a price they can
afford,” said Fei Liu, senior vice president,
Mass Market Consumer Products, Motorola Mobility.


the combination of the physical QWERTY keyboard, the touchscreen display and
access to the entertaining apps and games, the Motorola XT316 outperforms other
low cost mobile devices,” Liu added.


Motorola XT316 will be marketed as Motorola SPICE Key in Latin America and Motorola FIRE in Europe.  


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