Motorola Mobility unveils Motorola RAZR

Motorola Mobility announced the launch of
Motorola RAZR. The new product will be available in North
, Asia, Europe,
Latin America, and Middle
and Africa starting this November.

Motorola RAZR sports KEVLAR fiber and Corning
Gorilla Glass to help the screen stand up to scratches and scrapes. In fact,
every part of Motorola RAZR is protected by a splash-guard coating even the
electrical boards inside.

It features
a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor with an impressive 1GB of RAM, powered by Android

Stream or
download music and photos from your home or work computer with the easy-to-use
MOTOCAST app. Watch movies on a screen that sports a wider range of colors
than most LCD HDTVs. And for that inspiring filmmaker in you, use the
8-megapixel rear-facing camera with 1080p video capture for crisp, clear,
cinematic-quality images.

RAZR is an iconic brand, and one that originally revolutionized the mobile
device industry by turning a functional necessity into an object of
desire,” said Sanjay Jha, chairman and CEO,
Motorola Mobility.

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