Motorola unveils MILESTONE 3 in Latin America


Mobility announced the launch of Motorola Milestone 3 in Latin America. Setting
a new milestone for speed, Motorola MILESTONE 3 is a mobile powerhouse,
delivering uncompromising Web, email and media content to people around the


spring, Motorola Industrial is introducing Motorola MILESTONE 3, the newest,
most advanced member of the intelligent and powerful family of Motorola
MILESTONE devices to Latin America.


individuals using this super-sleek device the world’s thinnest Android QWERTY
slider will become digital trailblazers, channeling the strengths of the device
to power through their day.


the many strengths of Motorola MILESTONE 3 is the device’s dual-core 1GHz
processor, which delivers better multi-tasking, faster web browsing, faster
loading of Flash videos and higher quality gaming experiences.


dedicated number row on the top of the thin QWERTY keypad lets users type and
text faster and more accurately without the need to hit the -ALT’ button. And
with a brilliant 4-inch qHD display, Motorola MILESTONE 3 showcases photos, Web
pages and video content more clearly than any Motorola MILESTONE device before.


security features enable users to access corporate emails, documents and
calendars, with no need to wonder if their IT departments will approve.


MILESTONE 3 catapults people into a new realm of productivity,” said Maurizio
Angelone, vice president and general director for Mobile Devices Latin America,
Motorola Mobility.


MILESTONE 3 offers loads of features for extraordinary entertainment and
functionality. Users can leave their digital cameras at home and still capture
their adventures with a powerful 8-megapixel camera with flash and digital
zoom, and use the device’s front-facing camera to video chat with friends,
family and coworkers, whether over a Wi-Fi or a 3G connection.


easy to shoot videos and play them back in 1080p HD brilliance with mirror mode
which allows you to view and share content on a larger TV via HDMI output.
Users also have the benefit of Adobe Flash, allowing them to stream Web
content, videos and games on the most popular video player available today. And
all of this is delivered on a generous and stunning 4-inch gHD display.


MILESTONE 3 leverages Motorola ESP Technology, offering tailored experiences
based on home, office, bedroom or car dock settings. As users transition
environments throughout the day, Motorola MILESTONE 3 adapts its features
automatically based on the dock it’s connected to and pre-defined settings.


can keep track of their schedule through a full calendar and they have the
ability to see if colleagues are busy and initiate new meetings. Users can
download, review and edit documents, presentations or spreadsheets with the
pre-loaded Quickoffice app.


large 4-inch qHD display makes it easy to see the document with little scrolling
or panning. Additionally, the five-row QWERTY keypad makes it easy to quickly
type up responses to emails, and there’s no need to wonder if the IT department
will approve Motorola MILESTONE 3, as the device is fully Business Ready with
security, password protection, virtual wipe and encryption capabilities.


recently announced the launch
of XT531, the new, slim and budget-friendly Android smartphone from Motorola


Motorola XT531 gives users a more engaging experience with its 3.5-inch,
extra-bright touch-screen display, dual cameras for vivid video capture, and
all the social networking you want.


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