NEC unveils ML440 handset for small to mid-sized enterprise

Corporation of America (NEC) announced the launch of the ML440 Multi-line
Wireless Handset for the UNIVERGE SV8100 communications server, designed to
meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses.

first ML440 deployment was part of a recent system upgrade that allowed for
increased employee productivity and enhanced customer service.

Wholesale Florist, a family-owned small business, recently completed beta
testing of the ML440. NEC and authorized NEC dealer, Heritage Communications led the implementation which allows sales
associates to answer customer calls anywhere in its 17,500 square foot
facility, including within the floral coolers.

relied on NEC technology since 1998, so when it came time to upgrade our phone
system we knew who to turn to for a wireless handset that would allow us to
increase efficiency and survive rigorous daily use by our sales reps,” said
Misty Gaston, VP and corporate secretary for Southern Wholesale Florist.

400 customers now feel like they are being heard and it allows our sales force
to fill more orders in a shorter period of time,” Gaston added.

ML440 has helped employees stay in touch with customers and address customer
needs on a more personal basis. Missed sales opportunities are a thing of the
past, now that the sales force can take calls while filling other orders on the
warehouse floor. Also, the new UNIVERGE SV8100 communication system has
decreased the number of customer complaint calls, which has boosted return
sales and employee morale.

Wholesale Florist’s ordering system deals in same-day delivery which makes
streamlined communications a must. They now have an edge to help them get fresh
orders to their customers faster and more accurately,” said Larry Levenberg, vice
president of Channel Sales and Marketing, Communications Technologies, NEC
Corporation of America.

ML440 handset provides employees with an innovative way to assist customers,
whether at their desk, on another line, or while hunting the show floor for
just the right product to fill a customer’s order,” Levenberg added.

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