New Aerius smart phone reduces SAR 96.75 percent

International announced that tests of a new Aerius smart phone were completed
by Cetecom, a FCC certified lab in California.
The tests showed the new Aerius phone reduced SAR (the Specific Absorption Rate
of handset signals into users) 96.75% below
the US limit
of 1.6 W/kg, and 97.4 percent below the EU limit of 2W/kg.

labs are known internationally for phone certification in the cellular
industry. Accredited testing facilities in addition to years of experience in
cell phone communication make Cetecom a productive partner that helps company
products meet international standards and make successful market entries

am happy to report the Cetecom tests show Aerius phones virtually eliminate SAR
that will also cause them to deliver 2 to 4 more hours of battery life than the
competition,” said Bill Luxon, CEO Aerius International

are proud of our strong patent position and that we won the 2009 Frost &
Sullivan Green Technology in Wireless Technologies award,” Luxon added.

Aerius smart phone features a LogoLens that lights up when the phone is
clicked-on and features the carrier’s logo of the network the phone uses.
Aerius phones also feature touch screens, GPS, Edge, WiFi, music, and a video
player, camera, SMS, and gravity sensors that can change the display screen
from horizontal to vertical.

By Team
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