NFC phone sales will touch 100 million in 2012, NXP leads chip market

Telecom Lead Asia: It is expected that close to 100
million cellphones using Near-field Communication (NFC) technology will be sold
this year, with sales more than tripling from a year ago. NXP Semiconductor is
the leading manufacturer of NFC chips.


Last year more than 40 NFC-enabled models were released
by the handset vendors, in order to tap emerging market for mobile payments.
Berg Insight further expects the global market for NFC phones to grow to 700
million phones in 2016 from 30 million in 2011.


NXP Semiconductor is the leading manufacturer of NFC
chips, while also Inside Secure has won some deals, according to research firm
Berg Insight.


NFC enables data to be exchanged wirelessly over
distances of a few centimeters, meaning mobile phones can be used to pay for
goods, store electronic tickets, download music and swap photos and business


another study Juniper Network said that Near Fields Communications (NFC) will
be fueling mobile commerce transactions to $74 billion by 2015.


NFC is increasingly used for the payment of goods
in-store and as transport tickets; this is over treble the estimated value of
this market in 2011. The increasing use of mobile devices as an alternative to
credit cards and paper tickets is one of the fastest growing segments of the
mobile commerce market.


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