Nokia and Microsoft to invest 18 million euros for mobile app development program

Telecom Lead Europe: Mobile major Nokia and technology
giant Microsoft will each invest up to 9 million euros into a newly established
mobile application development program at Aalto University during the next
three years.


The investment will help in driving innovation and
business opportunities in Finland’s mobile ecosystem and beyond through this
mobile application development program.


The partnership will allow developers to ideate and
monetize business opportunities globally, via both Windows Phone Marketplace
and Nokia Store,” said Kai Oistamo, executive vice president, Nokia.


This program will help mobile developers to benefit from
funding, training, support and business opportunities. The AppCampus program
has been set up to foster the creation of innovative mobile applications for
the Windows Phone ecosystem, and in addition Nokia platforms, including Symbian
and Series 40, to create a new generation of self-sustaining mobile startups.


“We want to turn a new leaf in the mobile industry
and foster Finland’s role as a center of excellence for mobile technology. Such
investment into early-stage concepts has rarely been seen in this sector, and
this demonstrates how highly both Nokia and Microsoft value Finnish mobile
expertise,” said Klaus Holse, president, Microsoft Western Europe.


The program will start in May 2012 and will be lead and
managed by Aalto University, which has a growing reputation as a hotbed of new
startup companies.


Aalto University will make a significant contribution to
the project by providing premises, coaching services, and access to both
academic and business networks for budding app developers.


“The partnership between Microsoft and Nokia is a
critical investment in this growing ecosystem and represents an exciting
opportunity and access to global markets for our local startup community,” said
Jyrki Katainen, Finnish prime minister, at the launch event for the AppCampus
program in Helsinki.


Recently,  Microsoft paid $250 million to mobile major Nokia towards the first quarterly platform
support payment.


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