Nokia and Oppo Resolve 5G Patent Dispute with Cross-Licensing Agreement

Telecom equipment manufacturer Nokia announced on Wednesday that it has concluded a 5G patent cross-licensing agreement with the prominent Chinese device maker, Oppo.
Oppo China storeThis agreement marks the resolution of patent litigation between Nokia and Oppo, adding another chapter to Nokia’s efforts to settle legal disputes with various Chinese tech firms.

Nokia, engaged in legal battles with several Chinese technology companies, has recently reached a similar agreement with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Honor. The newly forged deal with Oppo includes provisions for royalty payments, as well as catch-up payments to address periods of non-payment.

According to a statement released by Nokia, “Under the agreement, Oppo will make royalty payments, along with catch-up payments to cover the periods of non-payment. The agreement resolves all pending patent litigation between the parties, in all jurisdictions.”

Oppo, a major player in the smartphone market, shipped a remarkable 103.1 million units in 2023, securing an 8.8 percent market share, as reported by the International Data Corporation (IDC). The resolution of the patent dispute with Nokia adds a positive dimension to Oppo’s business outlook for the coming years.

In a related development, Oppo has disclosed plans to allocate RMB 2 billion worth of resources in 2024 for its Gravity Plan. This initiative aims to bolster support for developers, fostering collaboration to build a robust ecosystem. The commitment underscores Oppo’s dedication to nurturing innovation within its community of developers.

The conclusion of the 5G patent cross-licensing agreement between Nokia and Oppo not only brings an end to legal tensions but also positions both companies for continued growth and collaboration in the dynamic telecommunications and technology landscape.

Nokia Technologies has reported revenue of 258 million euros during the third quarter of 2023. Nokia in October 2023 said it continues to expect full year 2023 net sales in the range of EUR 23.2 to 24.6 billion with a operating margin in the range of 11.5 percent to 13 percent assuming closure of outstanding deals in Nokia Technologies.