Nokia India revenue dips 1% to 2.92 billion euros in 2011

Telecom Lead India: Nokia India revenue (including Nokia
devices, Nokia Siemens, and Navteq business revenues) decreased to EUR 2.923
billion in 2011 from EUR 2.952 billion in 2010.

Nokia disclosed this data in its filings with U.S. SEC.

(please see the chart showing Nokia performance in top
countries at the end of the article)

Nokia Siemens Networks, a part of Nokia, did well in 2011,
as its revenue share from Asia Pacific telecom market (excluding China market)
improved by 4 percent in 2011. In 2011, NSN’s net sales increased by 32 percent
to EUR3.84 billion, against EUR 2.91 billion in 2010.

In 2011, Nokia’s handset market share has also plunged to 38
percent, against 72 percent in 2010, which is the testimony of its gloomy
performance in Indian market, according to a CyberMedia Research report.

India revenue dips 41% in 2011

Alcatel-Lucent India, which competes with Nokia Siemens
India, has posted 41 percent decrease in 2011 revenue primarily because of
uncertainties about telecom investment in the country. Alcatel-Lucent CEO Ben
Verwaayen has expressed concerns about uncertainties in Indian telecom market.

India clocks 13 percent increase in 2011 income at SEK 9.8 billion

Wireless infrastructure and solutions major Ericsson India
has posted SEK 9.8 billion in 2011 revenue, registering 13 percent increase
over SEK 8.6 billion in 2010. India sales decreased 46 percent in Q4 2011
year-over-year to SEK 1.5 billion. Networks sales were positively impacted by
the initial 3G rollouts in the first half of the year.

Due to dismal performance of Nokia for the last year,
Standard & Poor has cut Nokia’s NIK1V.HE credit rating to BBB- from BBB
giving the Finnish mobile device manufacturer a further shock.

The agency also added that a further downgrade is possible,
which means Nokia could dip to BB+ which is considered a speculative grade.

Nokia’s location & commerce business generated 25
percent increase in revenue at EUR 1.09 billion in 2011 from EUR 869 million in
2010. In Q4 2011, sales were EUR 306 million against EUR 265 million in Q4

Operating loss from Location & Commerce business was EUR
1.5 billion in 2011 against EUR 663 million in 2010. The Q4 operating loss was
EUR 1.2 billion as compared with EUR 148 million in Q4 2010.

Nokia global business reports 9% dip

Last month, Nokia reported 9 percent decrease in sales
(including Nokia devices, Nokia Siemens and location business) at EUR 38.65
billion in 2011 compared with EUR 42.44 billion in 2010. Its Q4 2011 sales were
down by 21 percent to EUR 10 billion from EUR 12.65 billion.

In 2011, Nokia devices business generated EUR 23.94 billion
compared with EUR 29.13 billion in 2010. In Q4 2011, the turnover from devices
was EUR 5.99 billion as compared with EUR 8.49 billion.

Nokia sold 417.1 million mobile devices (both feature mobile
phones and smart phones) in 2011 as compared with 452.9 million in 2010,
showing 8 percent drop. In Q4 2011, the number of devices sold was 113.5 million
against 123.7 million in Q4 2010.

Danish Khan
[email protected]