Number of 5G devices reach 628

GSA has revealed that the number of 5G devices passed the 600 mark. GSA is reporting 628 announced 5G devices, an increase of 21 percent over the last three months, with the number of commercially available devices now exceeding 400 for the first time.
Apple iphone 12 5G smartphone in Singaporedownload the GSA report

The new “5G Devices – March 2021 – Executive Summary” report reveals that of the 628 announced 5G devices, the total number of commercially available 5G devices now stands at 404, which is an increase of 33.3 percent over the last three months and represents 64.3 percent of all announced 5G devices.

The new report also shares that by end-February 2021, GSA had identified:

# 21 announced form factors

# 119 vendors who had announced available or forthcoming 5G devices

# 628 announced devices (including regional variants, but excluding operator-branded devices
that are essentially rebadged versions of other phones), including 404 that are understood to be commercially available:

# 306 phones (up 12 from December), at least 274 of which are now commercially available (up 23 in a month).

# 122 FWA CPE devices (indoor and outdoor), of which 47 are now commercially available.

# 80 modules

# 34 industrial/enterprise routers/gateways/modems

# 29 hotspots

# 15 laptops (notebooks)

# 8 tablets

# 34 other devices (including drones, head-mounted displays, including in vehicle routers/ modems/hotspots, robots, snap-on dongles/adapters, TVs, USB terminals/dongles/modems, cameras, femtocells/small cells, vehicle OBUs, a switch, a vending machine and an encoder).