Old people in the U.S. are getting ready to buy smart phone





Boomer adoption of feature-rich mobile devices continues to increase as those 50-plus look for ways to better connect with friends and family, according to a study by Consumer Cellular, a wireless provider for AARP members, and Bob Chapin of Flying Coyotes, a telecom research firm.





The survey, completed by 2,037 U.S. cellphone users aged 40-plus, focused on their interest in and opinions of smartphones and how they do or would use them to enhance their lifestyles.





Of those who responded, 60 percent of non-smartphone users say they are considering or plan to buy a smartphone, while 87 percent of current smartphone owners report they are likely or extremely likely to purchase another smartphone.





The Android operating system is the leader among current smartphone owners, with 28 percent, followed by Apple at 19 percent and BlackBerry at 15 percent.





Boomer respondents reported a desire to own a smartphone that will enhance their daily lives. Some of the results include sixty-seven percent are active on Facebook and desire a smartphone that offers easy access to the Web for social networking purposes.





Those surveyed who intend to buy a smartphone say primary uses include e-mail, location-based services, games, and photography.





As a cost-conscious demographic, 60 percent would download financial applications, travel discounts and other coupons.





Consumer Cellular continues to expand its services and products to better meet the needs of its target, Boomer demographic,” said John Marick, CEO of Consumer Cellular.  





This research proves the 50-plus marketplace is technologically savvy and desires a smartphone that will match their active lifestyles. Armed with this research, we plan to offer an Android device later this month.





By Telecomlead.com Team
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