Online Information Influences 3G Phone Buying in China

67 percent of Shanghai 3G and smartphone owners said information gathered online had most impact on which handset model they purchased.




Around US$ 1.8 billion of Shanghai retail sales in this segment in 2010 was driven mostly by information collected online, according to a report from Research and Markets.  



67 percent of all Shanghai consumers who bought a 3G or a smartphone in the past 12 months state that information collected online had the greatest influence on their final purchase decision in terms of brand or model.




US$ 2.7 billion of retail sales was generated from the sale of 3G and smartphone handsets in Shanghai in 2010.




Importantly, male and female information gathering paths are distinctively different in this category – and are mapped out in detail in this report.




Across the board, the research findings show that pop-up, banner and search engine adverting is wholly non-influential on consumers when they are deciding exactly what to purchase – although these still have their place in general brand building and low price promotions notifications.




In  general, even the most effective of these three has an influence on no more than 8 percent of consumer product purchases in the categories the report covered.



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