Oppo beats Vivo and Xiaomi to grab second position in India

The Indian smartphone market fell 20 percent to 30.6 million — in terms of shipments – during the first quarter of 2023, Canalys research shows.
Q1 2023 India smartphone growthSamsung (shipping 6.3 million), Oppo (5.5 million), Vivo (5.4 million), Xiaomi (5 million), and Realme (2.9 million) are the top smartphones in India. Apple, whose CEO Tim Cook is in India to sell more iPhones, does not feature in top five smartphones in the country.

Samsung has 21 percent smartphone market share in India, shipping 6.3 million.

Oppo overtook Vivo and Xiaomi to reach second place with 5.5 million shipments, driven by product launches.

Vivo came third with 5.4 million shipments, as it continued strong momentum in the offline channels.

Xiaomi slipped to fourth place, shipping 5.0 million units.

Realme maintained fifth place with 2.9 million shipments as the online channel remained muted.
Q1 2023 India smartphone share

“The Indian market faces early-year struggles but vendors keep fueling the market as they remain bullish on long-term prospects,” said Sanyam Chaurasia, Analyst at Canalys. “Brands are focusing on optimizing retail, manufacturing, local sourcing, and R&D to secure their long-term position in the market.”

At present, India’s smartphone export growth is primarily driven by Apple and Samsung, helping achieve a record-breaking export value of almost $4 billion in Q1.

Canalys expects there will be modest growth in smartphone business in India this year, driven by organic growth drivers. 5G smartphones and other market drivers must offer compelling utility for consumers to stimulate the upgrade cycle.