OPPO @ Mobile World Congress 2022

OPPO made several announcements at the Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC 2022) in Barcelona, Spain.
OPPO at MWC 2022
OPPO, a leading smartphone brand from China, has revealed two innovations in charging: 150W SUPERVOOC with Battery Health Engine (BHE) and 240W SUPERVOOC flash charge technology.

OPPO has integrated its self-developed BHE within the 150W SUPERVOOC charge, allowing the battery to maintain 80 percent of its original capacity after as many as 1,600 charge cycles.

OPPO said 240W SUPERVOOC charge technology marks the latest technological innovation in the mobile phone industry. It charges a 4,500mAh battery from 1 percent to 100 percent in about 9 minutes.

“We will to push the limits of high-power flash charge technologies, tackling emerging issues such as the deterioration of battery health, and providing fast charging solutions that go beyond speed,” Jeff Zhang, Chief Charging Technology Scientist at OPPO, said.

150W SUPERVOOC flash charge with BHE uses direct charging technology with two charge pumps which can support up to 20V/7.5A charging.

The adapter for 150W SUPERVOOC with BHE leverages gallium nitride (GaN) to reduce the size of the adapter to nearly the same size as the previous generation 65W SUPERVOOC adapter, measuring 58 x 57 x 30mm, and weighing around 172g.

OPPO showcased its smartphones, including the Find X5 Series, Find N, and OnePlus 10 Pro, as well as a range of innovative technologies, such as MariSilicon X imaging NPU, OPPO Air Glass, OPPO Retractable Camera, and many more.

OPPO also unveiled its 5G CPE device, the OPPO 5G CPE T2, at MWC 2022. The T2 features an all-new design and recycled materials, as well as OPPO’s latest O-Reserve 2.0 smart antenna technology and tailored optimizations in collaboration with Qualcomm.

5G CPE devices convert 5G signals into Wi-Fi or LAN network connections, allowing multiple devices to connect to a 5G service in environments such as the home, office, and more. In areas without existing broadband infrastructure, devices can connect to fast 5G internet by simply connecting to a 5G CPE device with a 5G SIM card installed.

The OPPO 5G CPE T2 features Qualcomm SnapdragonTM X62 5G Modem-RF system, which OPPO has worked with Qualcomm to further optimize, achieving over 20 percent increases in data transfer speeds versus the platform baseline.