Quad-core smartphone market reaches 40 million units in 2012

Sales of quad-core smartphones reached 40 million units in 2012.

Sales of dual-core smartphones accelerated in 2012, reaching an estimated 250 million units, up from 70 million units in 2011.

While, the first smartphones with dual-core application processors were released in early 2011, phones quad-core processors were launched in early 2012.

Berg Insight anticipates that nearly all of the 1.5 billion smartphones sold in 2017 will be equipped with at least dual-core processors and the majority will feature quad-core processors.

A range of standalone application processors and system-on-chips (SoCs) that integrate application processors and cellular basebands are becoming available to address different price points in the increasingly competitive smartphone category. This will likely bring more choice for consumers, while product marketing becomes more challenging for handset vendors.

“It becomes more difficult for consumers to make comparisons between handsets when application processor vendors introduce SoCs based on different CPU architectures and core counts, each with different performance depending on specific workload,” said Andre Malm, senior analyst, Berg Insight.

Total smartphone sales grew almost 47 percent to 690 million units in 2012 from 470 million units in 2011.

High-end smartphones with unsubsidised retail prices above €400 and low-cost devices priced at around €100 and below contributed to most of the growth in the smartphone category in 2012.

Sales of high-end devices increased from about 150 million units in 2011 to an estimated 250 million units in 2012. Going forward, most of the growth will come from low-cost smartphones costing less than € 100, followed by mid-range handsets.

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