Qualcomm in pact with Akamai to implement new protocol enhancements for mobile devices

Telecom Lead America: Chip maker Qualcomm announced its
association with Akamai Technologies for implementing new protocol enhancements
for mobile devices. 

These optimizations will be designed to improve page
performance and promote greater bandwidth efficiency on mobile devices.

This collaboration will develop and deliver features to
improve Web browsing performance on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor-based
devices accessing content delivered by Akamai’s Aqua Mobile Accelerator.

The companies expect that consumers can begin benefiting
from these optimizations for Android devices in the fourth quarter of 2012.

“Qualcomm has been optimizing browser performance on
its Snapdragon processors for more than three years now. By combining our
device-side optimizations with Akamai’s industry-leading work in the area of
mobile content delivery, we expect these optimizations will deliver consumers
an unparalleled mobile browsing experience, as well as provide benefits to
other members of the mobile ecosystem,” said Sy Choudhury, senior director
of product management for Qualcomm.

“When you consider what our two companies have been
doing separately to improve mobile Website performance, collaboration in this
area is an exciting step. Delivering a fast, high-quality mobile user
experience is important to our customers. Working together, Akamai and Qualcomm
are well positioned to develop those new techniques and optimizations that take
advantage of tighter integration between the mobile device and the delivery
environment,” said Mike Afergan, senior vice president and general manager
of Web Experience at Akamai.

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