Reliance Jio adds more critical conditions to JioPhone buyers

JioPhone launchReliance Jio has surprised many in the last 12 months with their free offers to attract 130 million subscribers.

The latest surprise from Reliance Jio does give shock waves to the telecom consumers. India has more than 100 crore mobile phone SIM users across the country. The surprise from Reliance Jio is aimed at ensuring the usage of the Rs 1500 JioPhone.

JioPhone, which will be available to several millions, for a refundable fee of Rs 1,500 comes with several conditions. Several media houses started writing about this surprise package from Tuesday, one day before the inauguration of India Mobile Congress, where Mukesh Ambani is one of the main speakers.

Customers need to spend at least Rs 4,500 in three years on JioPhone. This amount is not meant for managing the feature phone. Reliance Jio says customers need to spend Rs 1,500 per year for the next three years towards recharging of Jio 4G connection. Otherwise, Reliance Jio will not refund Rs 1,500 when the customers try to take back the phone after three years.

This means, Reliance Jio is looking for active 4G subscribers in India. If phone customers are unable to spend Rs 1,500 per year towards recharging, Jio could ask the customer to return the phone back and the customers will be forced to pay some money for their “negligence”.

If the customer is not happy about the 4G network or the quality of the JioPhone, you can return the phone. But the customer will not get any single paisa if the customer is returning the phone within the first 12 months.

JioPhone customers will receive Rs 500 if the customer is returning the phone after 12 months or before 24 months. The customers will get only Rs 1,000 if they are returning the JioPhone after 24 months and before 36 months.