RIM faces class-action lawsuit in Montreal after 3-day smartphone outage

Research In Motion (RIM) is set to feel the heat again. One of its
customers is reported to have filed a class-action lawsuit against RIM, the
maker of smartphone BlackBerry, in Montreal, demanding direct user-by-user
monetary compensation.

The monetary compensation can go up if more customers are joining hands
against the smartphone major. This is a clear indication that RIM customers are
not happy with the app compensation offered by the phone major.

The initiating plaintiff depended on BBM to keep in touch with contacts
in Trinidad, the U.K., Barbados, and the U.S. While the outage only lasted a
day-and-half in Canada, and this individual user’s total damages equal a mere
fraction of their monthly wireless bill ($1.25), that sum could quickly rise if
the Quebec Superior Court grants the case class action status and more
plaintiffs jump into the ring, according to a media report.

Some carriers are already offering compensation, but the case filing

“Refunding wireless service providers who pay a monthly fee for active
BlackBerry users, does not obligate them to pass these monies along to
BlackBerry users. Further, even if they did pass those along, it would not be
sufficient to pay for the actual costs that wireless service providers charge
to BlackBerry users in the form of monthly data plans.”

Users in several countries were not happy with the present compensation.
RIM did not have a convincing answer to both investors and users after the
outage that affected many enterprises. There are media reports suggesting that
the RIM problem will positively affect the sale of devices from Nokia, Samsung
and Apple.

By Telecomlead.com Team
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