Samsung Galaxy S2 leads the global superphone segment in 2011


Global superphone sales will grow 200 percent in 2011, driven by popular models
such as the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung is currently the world’s leading superphone vendor due to the success of its
Android-powered Galaxy S2 model. Samsung has been aggressively leveraging this
leadership to attack rivals with much weaker superphone portfolios such as
Nokia, Blackberry and even Apple, according to Strategy Analytics.

In July 2011, Samsung Electronics announced that the Samsung GALAXY S II has reached global channel sales of 3 million units.
The GALAXY S II is Samsung’s flagship smartphone device available on Android,
the world’s fastest-growing mobile operating system.

During Q3 2011, Samsung has overtaken Apple to lead the smartphone shipments. Samsung smartphone shipments reached
27.8 million. By comparison, Apple shipments during the period were 17.1

The other popular superphone model available is HTC Sensation.

Superphones are a relatively new sub-category of wireless handsets that first
appeared on the global market in 2009. Superphones integrate high-level
operating systems with supersized displays of at least 4 inches and superfast
processors of at least 1GHz.

“We forecast global superphone sales to grow an impressive 200 percent in
2011, increasing fifteen times faster than the overall handset market’s growth
rate of 13 percent. Superphones will be the world’s fastest growing sub-category
of wireless handsets this year,” said Alex Spektor, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics.

Consumers and operators like the richer experience of larger screens and faster
processing speeds that can be delivered by superphones.

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