Samsung lost significant share in smartphone market

Samsung (60.3 million shipments), Apple (58 million), Xiaomi (30.5 million), Oppo (26.6 million) and Vivo (20.9 million) are the top smartphone makers in Q1 2023, Canalys’ latest research shows.
Q1 2023 smartphone growthThe global smartphone market share of Samsung was (22 percent vs 24 percent), Apple (21 percent vs 18 percent), Xiaomi (11 percent vs 13 percent), Oppo (10 percent vs 9 percent) and Vivo (8 percent vs 8 percent) in Q1 2023.

Samsung has lost share in global smartphone shipments to 60.3 million in Q1 2023 from 73.7 million in Q1 2022. On the other hand, Apple has enhanced its global smartphone shipments to 58 million from 56.5 million.

The report said global smartphone shipments  fell by 13 percent to 269.8 million units in Q1 2023.
Q1 2023 smartphone share“Samsung’s performance shows early signs of recovery after a tough end to 2022,” said Runar Bjørhovde, Canalys Analyst. “The rebound is particularly connected to product launches, which drove an increase in sell-in volume. Still, Samsung will have to navigate through a difficult landscape going forward, particularly as entry-level device inventory remains high.”

Canalys expects the smartphone market will gain momentum in the second half of the year as channel inventories reach healthier levels. Vendors are approaching the market with profitability targets, lean operations and inventory clearing as top priorities.