Samsung may top smart phone market, but users prefer to buy Apple iPhone

95 percent of people around the world now own cell phones, according to a new
nine-country study by SSI. 

Hong Kong (99 percent), China (98 percent) and Sweden (98 percent) have the
highest cell phone ownership rates, while the US (89 percent) has the

Among cell phone owners, 42 percent currently have smartphones and 58 percent
are planning to make their next cell phone a smartphone. 

The highest rates of smartphone ownership are in China (68 percent) and Hong
Kong (57 percent), while Japan (16 percent) and Sweden (33 percent) fall at the
opposite end of the spectrum. 

Those countries that are lagging are likely to catch up soon, however, with
almost half of respondents in Japan and Sweden intending to make their next
cell phone a smartphone.

Apple iPhones are the preferred brand.  If money were no object, almost a
third of respondents globally say they would prefer an Apple iPhone. 

Samsung (12 percent), Nokia (10 percent), Sony Ericsson (8 percent) and
BlackBerry (7 percent) round out the top-5 preferred brands.

“Soaring cell phone ownership has a significant impact on researchers
doing telephone studies,” said Jessica Smith, vice president, Offline
Services for SSI

“Adding to the complexity is the rise of cell phone only households almost
a third now in the US as well as the 28 percent of consumers globally with
multiple cell phones.  Researchers who omit cell phones from their samples
will find critical gaps in coverage particularly among younger, ethnic and
lower income households.  To ensure accuracy, researchers need to work
with partners who can effectively integrate cell phone and landline
access,” Smith added.

Globally, 86 percent of respondents have clocks on their phones. 84 percent
have still cameras, calendars and calculators. 81 percent have text messaging.
and 75 percent have Internet capabilities and games. 

Clocks are the most used feature, with 43 percent saying they use their phone
clocks almost all the time and another 40 percent reporting they use them very
or quite often.  Consumers also find value in text messaging, with 37
percent saying they use this feature almost all the time and 41 percent
reporting they use it very or quite often.  Internet capability is the
third most popular feature, used almost all the time by 27 percent of
respondents and very or quite often by 31 percent. 

Video cameras and radios are the least valued features, with 7 percent of
respondents saying they use these capabilities almost all the time.

Thirty seven percent of owners say battery life is very or extremely
frustrating.  Almost a quarter report that web sites not optimized for
smartphones are very or extremely frustrating.  In addition, 19 percent
are very or extremely frustrated by unexpected changes in screen orientation
and onscreen keyboards too small for their fingers.

4,500 consumers in 9 countries have shared their feedback for this survey.
SSI’s findings are based on a study of 4500+ adults on its online panels. 
Countries covered include the US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, China,
Hong Kong and Sweden.

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