Samsung starts producing GB LPDDR5 mobile DRAM

Samsung has started the mass production of the industry’s first 16-gigabyte (GB) LPDDR5 mobile DRAM package for premium smartphones.
Samsung Galaxy A8+ in India
The 16GB advancement will lead the premium mobile memory market with added capacity that enables 5G and AI features including graphic-rich gaming and smart photography.

“With the introduction of a new products based on our next-generation process technology later this year, Samsung will be able to address memory demands from customers,” Cheol Choi, senior vice president of memory sales & marketing, Samsung Electronics, said.

Data transfer rate for the 16GB LPDDR5 comes in at 5,500 Mb/s, approximately 1.3 times faster than the previous mobile memory. Compared to an 8GB LPDDR4X package, the new mobile DRAM delivers more than 20-percent energy savings while providing up to twice the capacity.

Samsung’s 16GB LPDDR5 mobile DRAM package consists of eight 12 Gb chips and four 8Gb chips, equipping smartphones with twice the DRAM capacity found in many higher-end laptops and gaming PCs.

The company plans to produce 16 GB LPDDR5 products based on third-generation 10nm-class (1z) process technology in the second half of this year, in line with the development of a 6,400Mb/s chipset.

Samsung Electronics also introduced a Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 5+ certified Secure Element (SE) turnkey solution for mobile devices. The new SE offers a strong security solution, consisting of a security chip (S3K250AF) and optimized software, that guards private data on an isolated data storage.


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