Samsung steps up hiring amid push to increase DTC operations

Samsung Electronics has enhanced hiring in 2021 amid a push to increase direct-to-consumer (DTC) operations.
Samsung Galaxy A8+ in India
The South Korean electronics company is ramping up hires in the US for Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS). The company’s active jobs increased from 499 in September 2020 to 862 in September 2021, finds GlobalData.

Samsung , which is facing challenges to win market share from competitors including Apple and defend its position from Xiaomi, listed a role for Director of Digital Campaigns to bolster sales through DTC channel, especially through its retail product website.

Samsung increased focus on direct-to-consumer (DTC) operations in 2021. Through Samsung Care, the company is focusing on DTC repair services, support and relationship management to achieve brand loyalty and retention, Director – Direct to Consumer (DTC) Field Operations role shows.

Samsung is focusing on Europe that sees over 40 million unique visitors per month across 33 European sites the through its e-commerce site that is one of the most important touch points in Europe. Through product launches and campaigns across categories, the company plans to achieve $7 billion + digital revenue via all digital channels in Europe, Director of Digital Campaigns role shows.

Samsung is promoting its offline retail stores amid a shift to direct-to-consumer channel to drive sales for mobile devices, Senior Technical Architect – Retail Experience Technology role shows. The company plans to have digital innovation projects for both channels that integrates immersive experiences such as AR, VR, and personalization between its retail and ecommerce systems.

The company’s hiring for Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS) saw a consistent increase month-over-month with over 388 job listings between January 2021 – September 2021. The foundry is developing processors that power its smartphone and wearable devices.

Samsung is also developing processors for automotive industry by ramping up production and looks to introduce new products, ‘14 nm Process Integration Engineer (Automotive Products)’ role shows.

Samsung has stepped-up senior-level job postings. With around 150 listings between January 2021 – August 2021, Samsung is looking to hire employees for roles such as VP, Corporate Communications, Director Supply Chain Strategy, and Director of Consumer & Shopper Insights – Consumer Electronics (CE), among others.