Scalado’s imaging software included in 900 million mobile devices


Scalado, a provider of imaging technologies, applications
and services, announced that its advanced imaging software is now included in
more than 900 million devices globally.


With its highly advanced capturing,
viewing, editing, searching and sharing capabilities, Scalado’s software is now
finally bringing the full-featured digital camera experience to the world’s
most popular mobile devices.


Scalado’s software
was included in an additional 350 million units in 2010, and is expected to be
included in further 500 million units in 2011, as a result of new strategic
agreements with several high-profile platform and OEM manufacturers.  As a
result, Scalado will soon have its software included in more than 1 billion
camera phones and other mobile devices.


“By solving all of the most common problems and
frustrations associated with mobile imaging, we are rapidly improving and
redefining the way in which memories are captured, viewed, edited, searched and
shared  anywhere, at any time, and on any screen,” said Fadi Abbas, CMO/VP
BizDev and co-founder of Scalado.


“This means that end-users can capture their
experiences very quickly and easily, just as they would with a high-end digital
camera and share them with the ease, most commonly associated with leading
social media platforms,” Abbas added.


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