Seals to launch VR7 and TS3 ultra-rugged mobile communications devices in India

Telecom Lead India: The U.K.-based Seals, a provider of rugged communications equipment, is set to launch VR7 and TS3, two ultra-rugged mobile communications devices, in India.

Seals to launch VR7 and TS3 ultra-rugged mobile communications devices in India

Seals says Indian telecom market is attractive to them as it is the world’s second-largest emerging market for telecoms, particularly for mobile phones.

The company will be showcasing its products at India Telecom 2012 on 13-15 December 2012. Participation at India Telecom 2012 will be a gateway for the company to enter Asian markets in phases.

The potential growth in this sector is ensuring that the India Telecom 2012 exhibition will attract a lot of attention from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Seals, which manufactures rugged communications equipment, is focused on delivering professional mobile communications equipment for specialist industrial users and extreme individuals.

With a penetration rate of over 76 percent, the number of mobile phones users in India is now close to 1 billion, offering huge potential for global telecommunications manufacturers such as Seals.

The increasing competition, combined with a homogeneous product offering in the Indian market, means there is a massive opportunity for new product categories.

Features of Seals VR7 and Seals TS3

  • International IP67 and above certification
  • U.S. MIL-STD-810G standard passed
  • Guaranteed waterproof, shock-proof, dust-proof
  • Ability to work in extreme temperatures from minus 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, with a prolonged working time.

In addition, Seals has exclusive use of GPS one-key positioning which helps users identify their positioning and facilitate emergency assistance – a function which has already gained positive feedback and high praise from distributors and end users.

Seals products are already widely used in a range of heavy industries in Europe and America, such as oil, mining, transportation and construction.

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