Shenzhen Sang Fei chalks out Philips mobile phone strategy for India

Shenzhen Sang Fei Communication Company which sells mobile phones under
the Philips brand chalked out its India strategy.

 As part of expanding its business presence in India, the company is

planning to set up phone / tablets manufacturing in India. Research and
development unit in India is also in the pipeline.

The growing 3G market is attracting several tablet and

smart phone makers to India. Recently, at a CMAI event, leading tablet and
phone manufacturers committed $250 million to set up phone and tablet
manufacturing facilities in India.

Setting up of tablet / smart phone manufacturing facility

will become significant for companies in India since the market is growing.

The market is currently seeing hyper competition among

tablet makers, service providers and smart phone makers to grab significant
market share. Average prices of tablets have crashed
by 23 percent in the last four months in Southeast Asia, according to GfK
Asia’s retail tracking.

The average price of a tablet was

around $600 in April. It is down by 23 percent when compared to January’s
average pricing across the region. The most expensive tablets were found in
Indonesia, whereas those being sold in the Philippines reflected the lowest
average selling price in April.

3G will bring in videorevolution. Frequent mobile video users will more than triple over the next five years. Nearly 50 percent of 18 to 24 year old smartphone/tablet
owners frequently social network about TV programs currently being viewed.

86 percent of smartphone/tablet users will view video on their mobile devices. Nearly 60 percent of smartphone/tablet owners will also be viewing OTT (over-the-top) video at home, according to In-Stat.

 Shenzhen Sang Fei Communication Company plans to sell around three million Philips phones over the next two years in India. To push up the sale we will be investing $3 million to create awareness about their phones,” said Tan Jok Tin, chief executive officer and managing director of Shenzhen Sang Fei Communication Company.

After the launch of the XENIUM phones in India, the company is all set to launch 3G and Android phones in India.

This android smartphone will be named X726. It will also be a dual SIM phone with a standby of 40 days and talk time of 15 hrs. The 3G phone will be
named X9320, dual sim with a 4.3 inch screen. As for now there is only this
basic information available on these Android phones.

The company did not share the price of the Android phones. It will be sold at a price on which most of the android phones are sold.

The Android powered phones will give a tough competition to Samsung’s existing line of Android phones particularly Samsung Galaxy S.

We will be launching an Android 2.3 and 3G smartphone and it will be in

the same price bracket in which most of the established handsets marketers are
offering their handsets,” said Satish Chopra, executive director of Conplex
International, distributor of Philips mobile phones in India.

Services for the Philips mobile phones will be available in 90 service centers in India. The phone will be available in the northern areas

The company is not considering Windows based phone in India.

Philips has already launched a Windows based phone in China and as of now we don’t have any plans to launch it India. We want to wait till Nokia launches its Windows based phones,” Tin added.

 By Anusha Ghosh

[email protected]