Silicon Image supplies 100 million mobile high-definition link products to mobile producers

Telecom Lead America: Silicon Image, a provider of
wireless and wired HD connectivity solutions, has shipped over 100 million MHL
(Mobile High-Definition Link) products to mobile manufacturers.

Silicon Image claims that the MHL standard is rapidly
becoming the de facto HD connectivity solution for the delivery of a seamless
and interactive user experience when connecting a mobile device to a larger
screen display.

Tim Vehling, vice president of product marketing at
Silicon Image, said shipping over 100 million MHL-enabled mobile products since
the beginning of 2011 is a major milestone for Silicon Image and the industry.

He added that with its latest low-power mobile products
that support 1080p60 and the latest MHL 2.0 specification, Silicon Image
continues to lead and grow the market in connecting advanced smartphones to
larger screen DTVs and displays.

MHL technology delivers 1080p 60Hz uncompressed video
with up to eight channels of digital audio while charging the mobile device
enabling consumers to enhance their mobile experience by displaying content
including HD videos, photos, apps and games on the big screen.

Silicon Image offers a broad portfolio of
production-proven MHL semiconductor and IP solutions for mobile, DTV and home
theater applications.

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