SK Telecom, Hynix unveil advanced mobile technologies at Mobile World Congress 2012

SK Telecom announced it is showcasing advanced mobile technologies including a wide range of network technologies, and platform-related technologies and services at Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona.

This is the first time SK Telecom participates in the exhibition after the acquisition of Hynix, leading memory chip manufacturer, and the spin-off of SK Planet, contents distribution platform provider. The exhibition is divided under three themes: Smart Lab Zone, Smart Park Zone and Smart Home Zone.

 SK Telecom is one of the first operators worldwide to commercialize cloud-based LTE network technology and LTE femtocells.

The company, for the first time in the industry, has developed a commercial technology named Hybrid Network” to realize the most efficient and optimum use of available radio resources. The technology enables two different types of networks 3G and Wi-Fi, or LTE and Wi-Fi to provide a data service, the speed of which is equivalent to the sum of two independent networks.

SK Telecom also completed the world’s first development of -Wi-Fi Integrated LTE Femtocell’ to provide both LTE and Wi-Fi services simultaneously.  The strength of the Wi-Fi Integrated LTE Femtocell is that – as it is comprised of both LTE femtocell and Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) – it can significantly reduce equipment installation and operating cost.

Telecom’s NFC-Embedded USIM Card is the world’s first USIM chip embedded with NFC function. Customers no longer have to buy a mobile phone with built-in NFC chip to use the NFC function. NFC-Embedded USIM enables customers to use NFC function and enjoy diverse NFC-based services with their existing handsets by simply inserting the Card.

Other related technologies on display include Smart Push System, LTE-Advanced Solution and Cellular-based RTTI (Real-Time Traffic Information)

The company also showcases Rich Communication Suite (RCS), the next generation integrated communication service designed to provide customers with a richer communications experience by upgrading the existing service environment where customers can only use one service (call, text message, etc.) at a time.  SK Telecom will showcase an RCS service with features of Enhanced Address Book, Enhanced Messaging, Enhanced File Transfer and Enhanced Supplementary Service.

 Other important technologies on display include Connected Health Solution & M-prescription, T Smart Learning, Smart Robot, Sound Code and Hynix state-of-the-art semiconductor technology.

With SK Telecom’s acquisition of Hynix in February 2012, SK Telecom and Hynix plan to make synergies by focusing on communications semiconductor and memory technologies and maintaining its dominance in the DRAM and NAND Flash market with the world’s finest level of process technology and marketing competence.

Recently SK Telecom said it will be using Agilent Technologies E6621A PXT wireless communications test set for hybrid network demonstration during Mobile World Congress 2012.

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