Smartphone revenue leaders: Strategy Analytics

Video technology for smartphone users Research firm Strategy Analytics has revealed how much revenue smartphone manufacturing companies such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei have made during Q4 2017.

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The size of the global smartphone revenue market was $120 billion during the fourth quarter of 2017 as against $111.8 billion in Q4 2016.

Apple captured 51 percent share of the global smartphone revenue in Q4 2017 against 48.5 percent in Q4 2016, generating $61.4 billion against $54.2 billion.

Samsung generated $18.9 billion revenue from smartphone market in Q4 as compared with $16.2 billion for 15.7 percent share against 14.5 percent share. The revenue growth of Samsung was 16 percent.

Huawei has 7 percent revenue share in the fourth quarter against 6.5 percent clocking revenue of $8.4 billion as compared with $7.2 billion.

Linda Sui, director at Strategy Analytics, said the smartphone industry’s wholesale average selling price surged 18 percent annually to $300 in Q4 2017 from $255 in Q4 2016. The smartphone industry has managed to increase massively its pricing and revenues, despite a recent decrease in shipment volumes.”

Apple iPhone generated $61 billion in the quarter, helped by solid demand for its premium X model, and Apple now accounts for more revenue than the rest of the entire global smartphone industry combined, said Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics. Apple generated three times more smartphone revenue than nearest rival Samsung and 7 times more than Huawei.

Apple iPhone’s average selling price is approaching $800 and almost three times higher than the overall industry average.

Samsung’s smartphone wholesale ASP rose 21 percent annually to $254 in the fourth quarter – driven by the popularity of premium Note 8 and Galaxy S8 models, as well as fewer low-end sales in its core Asia markets such as China, Linda Sui, director at Strategy Analytics, said.

Huawei’s smartphone wholesale average selling price sits at $205 and it has by far the lowest pricing among the top-three smartphone players.

“If Huawei wants to grow its worldwide pricing and revenues even higher in the future, the company will need to grab additional marketshare in the high-value United States market,” Woody Oh, director at Strategy Analytics, said.