Smartphone shipments in India drop 5% in Q3 2021 to 47.5 mn: Canalys

Smartphone shipments in India dropped 5 percent in Q3 2021 to 47.5 million units as vendors struggled with supply issues for low-end models.
India Q3 2021 smartphone shareShipment of smartphones in Q3 2021 were 47 percent higher than in Q2 2021, as consumer demand bounced back rapidly thanks to the suppression of India’s COVID-19 wave.

Xiaomi shipped 11.2 million units for a 24 percent share to maintain its lead.

Samsung shipped 9.1 million units, accounting for 19 percent of the India smartphone market.

Vivo shipped 8.1 million units.

Realme shipped 7.5 million units.

OPPO shipped 6.2 million units.

“Low-end model supply constraints mean shipments have been restricted, and brands have been forced to use promotions to make their high-end models more appealing. These challenges will persist into Q4, and high component and logistics costs, together with container shortages will result in longer lead times and higher retail prices,” Canalys Analyst Sanyam Chaurasia said.

Smartphone vendors are using a range of strategies, from extending their product mix to boosting their channel coverage, to increase shipments and value.

Xiaomi used its Mi 11 series to raise its share in the premium segment, despite a slight drop in share overall.

Apple used promotional deals to inject momentum into iPhone 12 sales ahead of its iPhone 13 launch in September.

Realme is taking a different tack, hoping to undermine high-end vendors with its focus on affordable 5G. Its shipments were 70 percent online, and it shipped around 1 million of its Realme 8 5G.