Smartphone users want larger displays, says Strategy Analytics

Telecom Lead America: Market smartphones is rapidly
increasing and demands from users are accelerating at the same pace. Existing
smartphone owners in the US and UK seek larger mobile phone displays, compared
to displays on their current phone, according to Strategy Analytics Wireless
Device Lab report.


The report found that that surveyed smartphone
respondents prefer device screens in the 4.0-inch to 4.5-inch range, as long as
the device is also thin.


The report also noted that some differences in size
preference exist dependent on the segment, as females are more likely to
consider slightly smaller devices than males.


Almost 90 percent of existing smartphone owners surveyed
chose a prototype smartphone with a display larger than their current device.
This trend is driven by increased mobile web browsing capability, as well as
engaging video and gaming experiences,” said Paul Brown, a director in the
Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice.


Existing Android owners are more likely to seek
larger devices than existing Apple iPhone owners, the report added.


  In order for smartphone owners to adopt larger
devices, it is important for handset manufacturers to ensure that mobile
devices are not too heavy and that the devices remain thin enough for purses
and pockets,” said Kevin Nolan, vice-president for the User Experience Practice
at Strategy Analytics.


Chinese telecom gear makers ZTE and Huawei see U.K as a potential market for smartphones, so they are banking high on U.K
market for their smartphone launches. Recently, ZTE announced that its Windows
model Tania is debuting in the U.K. at the monthly contract rate of 10 pounds.


Additionally, Huawei is going to launch its first
own-branded device in the U.K. this autumn as part of plans to bring
smartphones for all. The Chinese gear maker is competing aggressively to
achieve its target to become one of the biggest smartphone brands.



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