Sony Mobile says localizing devices for Asian telecom markets is important

Telecom Lead @ GSMA MOBILE ASIA EXPO 2012: Sony Mobile
said localizing mobile devices for Asian markets is important for handset
makers wanting to have an impact in the region.

Sony Mobile Communications (China) CTO and VP Charlie Liu
said device makers should pay attention to having a better understanding of
local culture and user habits” and tailor devices to fit unique user needs.

The first area where handset makers can differentiate is hardware. Liu said
mobile devices are still luxury devices to show off, meaning the appearance and
design of the smartphone matters very much. Large screens, for example, are a
prized feature in Asia.

Differing user preferences about device features also need to be focused on,
according to Liu. In China, for example, voicemail is rarely used, with people
relying heavily on SMS.

Other unique user demands such as dual-SIM technology – arise from the
different technology standards brought about by the strong government-led and
operator-supported communications direction in China.

Content is another area in which hardware makers can stand out. Sony Mobile has
integrated local entertainment content in China, including the Youku HD video
service, Baidu Music, the Weibo microblogging platform and the QQ social
network, reported.

All of these areas also need to fit with the two distinct
mobile segments in Asia. The high-end smartphone market is driven by youth,
professionals and urban white collar workers, while the low-end feature-phone
segment is dictated by the needs of migration workers, the elderly and rural

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