Stress test – new phones

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max did not compare to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in a recent drop test, which may force new owners of Apple’s flagship device to look for protective cases.
Apple iPhone 14 pricingThere is one important caveat here. YouTuber PhoneBuff’s state-of-the-art iPhone 14 Pro Max CVS S22 UYltra drop test was realy interesting. The result, in which none of the phones survived, clearly intrigued the suitcase manufacturer. Indeed, we have seen drop tests of previous iPhones using similar types of drop devices, ground removal and battery testing. What was seen was not shocking, but neither was it unnecessary confirmation that these were metal devices covered in glass — reinforced glass, but glass nonetheless. PhoneBuff subjected the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Samsung S22 Ultra system and another iPhone 14 Pro Max in a case to the same 1.5-meter drop test.

PhoneBuff first dropped the phones on their backs, then positioned them so that they were in the corner, and then did another case where the phones were on their screens. You can, of course if you want, find more information on YouTube from different bloggers and experts about crush tests. There are many of them, but a significant position of relevancy will hold those who buy YouTube subscribers, because many worthwhile young bloggers lack popularity and they use some features to increase metrics, so you will have the chance to see some new ideas about this topic, which old bloggers may not have.

The results were mixed, to say the least.

When the iPhone 14 Pro Max first fell, the back panel cracked, though all the glass remained attached to the phone. The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s incredibly large camera unit was also damaged, although the cameras still worked fine. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra also crashed, although it didn’t suffer as much damage as the iPhone. Both phones survived the fall from around the corner well, although the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s aluminum body seemed a bit more durable than the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s steel strap. The iPhone 14 Pro Max had a broken corner when dropped on the front panel or screen of the device, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen looked significantly more damaged. In a recent drop from the same spot, but on steel, the iPhone 14 Pro Max had shattered back glass, even though it was still working. The S22 Ultra’s screen had a few broken pixels in one corner.

The results are not surprising.

While TechRadar doesn’t make a habit of specifically dropping phones for testing, I accidentally dropped an unprotected 24-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max to the floor without breaking it. And the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (in a case) fell to the tiled floor from three meters away. In this case, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen broke (it was such a clean break that I didn’t immediately notice it). To this day, the phone works fine. You can screen out top bloggers who are making content on this topic. But if you have extra money and a desire to test new models of phones, you can make your own crash test, and to get on top, we advise you to buy real YouTube subscribers.

What’s really going on here?

While we’re not experts in fall science, we do know that there are differences in the design of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 that may explain some of PhoneBuff’s results and even our own.

In the case of the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s broken back, it’s worth noting that Apple doesn’t use the same material on the front and back of the device. The back is made of double-layered ionic glass. This is similar to Gorilla Glass Victus, which is used on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Neither of the two glasses survived a five-and-a-half meter drop onto concrete.

On the front of the iPhone 14 Pro Max (and the rest of the iPhone 14), Apple uses a ceramic coating called Sheild. It’s a material with ceramic crystals. According to PhoneBuff tests, the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s screen “withstands the face-down test better.” Perhaps this has something to do with the ceramic plaque. Of course, the glass is still cracked, but only in one place. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s display, covered with Gorilla Glass Victus, suffered serious damage as a result of the fall.