TCL Communication in pact with Sunpartner for solar smartphones

Mobile phone maker TCL Communication is working with Sunpartner to develop solar smartphones.

The strategy is to develop smartphone prototypes powered by solar and artificial light by integrating Wysips Crystal technology into its smartphone screens.

The project will enable TCL Communication to evaluate the technology in both technical and marketing terms.

Sunpartner is now designing prototypes for three global leaders in mobile telephony.

The company plans to finalize two agreements in the coming months and sign the first licenses during the first half of 2014.

Wysips, a subsidiary of Sunpartner, has invented a component capable of transforming any surface into a solar energy-producing medium without changing its look.

Wysips Crystal ultra-thin transparent photovoltaic layer, embedded under the screen, supplies enough energy to keep the device charged so you will not run out of power when you need to use your device.

Suited to indoor or mobile applications, Wysips technology can be used for mobile phones, tablets, e-readers and other screen devices.

TCL Communication in pact with Sunpartner for solar smartphones

Wysips has added a source of energy production without impacting the design or aesthetics of the product.

The transparent photovoltaic component is connected to an electronic chip, which converts and manages the energy produced to charge a mobile phone or tablet battery.

Recently, the company received an additional 2.1 million euros in funding, raising the total of its one-year investment campaign to 4 million euros.

Wysips will pursue their collaborative Smart 4G Tablet project with Archos, Gemalto and Eurocom, the future new generation, high-security tablet, with low consumption requirements and totally self-sufficient from an energy standpoint.

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