Telecom Budget: Karbonn Mobiles MD welcomes move to cut duty on memory cards for mobile phones

Telecom Lead India: Though there is a 20 percent
increase in service tax telecom services, Karbonn Mobiles MD has welcomed move
to cut customs duty on memory cards for mobile phones.


We as a constituent of the ever-evolving communication
sector of the country would like to welcome the forward-looking Union Budget
for 2012-13. By taking progressive policy measures the Finance Minister has
been able to put forth a proposal which will definitely take the country on a
path of progression,” said Pradeep Jain, MD, Karbonn Mobiles.


While we all acknowledge the contribution of the mobile
phone industry to the growth of the Indian economy, it is heartening to know
that the expected GDP growth for the financial year of 2012-13 will be in the
range of 7.6 percent,” Jain added. 


This growth of the Indian economy being supplemented by
the growth in the mobile phone sector of the country is definite to channel the
sector on an evolutionary conduit.


Karbonn Mobiles welcomes the finance minister’s move to
cut customs duty on memory cards for mobile phones which while complementing
the usage of storage cards will definitely help in increasing the usage of
extensive mobile phones in the country.


Another welcoming move which will definitely help in the
emergence of India as a communication superpower of the world will be the
exemption of mobile phone parts from basic custom duties which while bringing
down the manufacturing cost of mobile phones will aid in deeper penetration of
mobile phone manufacturers into the untapped portions of the Indian market.


These all measures while acting as a liberator to the
Indian mobile phone industry will also send in positive signals to the quest of
India in becoming a communication superpower and will make real the dream of
affordable mobile connectivity, for all. 


India telecom budget wish list from Pradeep Jain, MD, Karbonn

We are seeking a cut in taxes on mobile phone brands of
Indian origin which will help the Indian phone makers to compete well with the
international competition.


We shall also seek from the government rebates in state
rates for importing raw and finished goods from offshore clients based on which
we will be able to pass on more value-for-money product range to the consumer.


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