TelecomLead Personality 2011: Steve Jobs of Apple

Apple is known to everyone in this digital world and the
name is not limited to techno freaks.  We all know how popular Apple is
because of its revolutionary products. From iPod to iPhone and Mac to iPad,
every product of Apple shook the world with its revolutionary technology.

Apart from these I” series of products, one name is
univocal, which is Steve Jobs. The man behind the success of Apple world’s most
valuable technology company was Steve Paul Jobs. He was the founder, innovator,
marketer, great businessman and a demanding boss of Apple.

Job was a college dropout and founded Apple Computer Inc
in his family garage with friend Steve Wozniak at the age of 21.

He was the man who changed the way people think about the
technology and brought the revolution in the personal computing. Jobs proved
the appeal of well-designed products over the power of technology and
transformed the way people interact with technology.

The most productive phase in Jobs’ career occurred near
the end of his life, when his string of successful products like the iPod,
iPhone and iPad changed the PC, electronics and digital-media industries. The
way he marketed and sold those products through savvy advertising campaigns and
Apple’s retail stores helped turn the company into a pop-culture phenomenon.

Jobs maintained uncompromising standards for the
company’s hardware and software, demanding “insanely great”
aesthetics throughout his career. His attention to detail shaped some of the
distinctive features of Apple’s products.

Once ousted from his company, Jobs made is return in 1996
and helped struggling Apple to achieve, what it actually is in today’s time.

Jobs transformed Apple into the largest retailer of music
through its iTunes. He was the one who brought world’s major music companies
under one umbrella. He also helped popularize computer-animated films as the
financier and CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, which he later sold to Walt
Disney Co.

Over the last few years, Apple has dominated the mobile
phone industry with its unique smartphones. In the tablet market, there is no
close competitor to the iPad 2, with the Apple iPad systems selling a
total of 63.6 million units as of September 2011.

Bloomberg estimated Jobs’s net worth just before he died
and it was at least $6.7 billion. His 7.4 percent Disney stake was worth $4.4
billion, and his 5.5 million shares of Apple were worth $2.1 billion. Jobs’s
138 million shares of Disney had paid him at least $242 million in dividends
before taxes since 2006.

When Steve Jobs died in October, Apple’s market
capitalization was $350 billion and the figures lucidly indicate the value of
the company and contribution of Jobs to the company.

Jobs bewitched audiences and the gadgets he introduced
resonated with consumers the world over, adding billions of dollars in revenue.
Revenue and profits surged to $28.57 and $7.31 billion respectively in the
October 2011 period.

Steve Jobs’s heritage and his innovations will linger on
for years. The industries Jobs helped to create will improve the quality of
life for a long time and there will be a lot of beneficiaries of his passion
towards dazzling technology and rapid innovation.

Note: TelecomLead Personality of 2011 was selected by editorial team

By Danish Khan
[email protected]


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