Top 10 smartphone assembly vendors in 2017

The latest IDC report revealed the top 10 smartphone assembly vendors in 2017.

The top ranked smartphone assembly vendors are Samsung Electronics of Korea followed by Foxxonn (Apple iPhone maker), OPPO, vivo, Pegatron, LG, Inventec, Flex, Huaqin and ZTE in the year 2017.

Smartphone assembly vendors 2017 by IDC
IDC said smartphone ODM and EMS assembly shipments decreased 13.8 percent year-on-year in Q4 2017 due to weakening market demand.

“The fourth quarter is traditionally a strong season for smartphone production, but this year’s weakness was the result of both conservative supply and weakening demand,” said Sean Kao, research manager with IDC’s Worldwide Hardware Assembly Research Group.

China-based OEMs accelerated their inventory clean-up of old phone models — driven by a migration to full screen smartphones, while staying conservative on orders for new models. Component suppliers were cautious given the fast-changing specs.

Domestic consumption in China was sluggish due to longer replacement cycles and the absence of operator subsidies. Local vendors in emerging phone markets shortened their purchase cycles and reduced order sizes in response to market changes.

Seasonal increases for Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi also led to ranking changes in the smartphone ODMs.