Toshiba unveils Nch standard MOSFETs for mobile devices


Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) has
announced the addition of the SSM3K37 series of Nch Standard MOSFETs for mobile


Consisting of the SSM3K37MFV, SSM3K37FS, SSM3K37CT,
SSM6N37FU, SSM6N37FE, and SSM6N37CTD, this new generation of SSM3K16 series for
standard switches is designed for mobile devices addressing power consumption
issues and physical size restrictions that are important in the design of
mobile devices.


The SSM3K37 series of MOSFETs is available in very small
packages and offers a very low RDSon.  Small package size allows for more
compact circuit designs and therefore mobile devices that are smaller in size.


Combined with a 250mA drain current, low on-resistance
enables the MOSFET to run more efficiently, allowing batteries to last for
longer periods of time.


Additionally, Toshiba’s SSM3K37 series of MOSFETs are
able to be driven at voltages as low as 1.5V – a voltage that batteries in most
mobile devices can provide.  The devices are also able to be operated at
high frequencies, and are suitable for high speed switching applications.


“These transistors are capable of acting as a switch
to control which loads are connected or disconnected from the circuit.
Like flipping a light switch, one can apply a voltage to the transistor
to electrically connect (or disconnect) parts of a circuit,” said Talayeh
Saderi, business development engineer, TAEC.


A large range of package sizes including SSM, VESM, CST3,
US6, ES6, CST6D (with the smallest being the CST3 at 0.6 x 1.0mm), enable these
devices to be adapted to a variety of different size requirements.


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