Videotex to invest Rs 100 crore and set up LED TV manufacturing unit

Electronics contract manufacturer Videotex International announced plans to invest over Rs 100 crore and set up a new LED TV manufacturing facility in Greater Noida, India.
Smart TV channelsVideotex will upgrade its existing capacity to 14 lakh TVs and new capacity to 18 lakh TVs – taking the combined production capacity to 32 lakh TVs in a year.

Videotex will add fresh jobs. This includes employees in the manufacturing units, back office and more along with providing new job opportunities for the vendors associated with the company, said Arjun Bajaaj, Director, Videotex International.

The 1,20,000 square feet smart manufacturing facility will install advanced manufacturing solutions and machineries, applying AI/ML technologies.

The company has been manufacturing TVs for leading brands like realme, Hisense, Toshiba, Lloyd, Hyundai and over 15 leading brands of India.

Videotex International is also the first Indian firm to be licensed as a manufacturer of webOS TVs, and it has on boarded 14 brands to manufacture webOS TVs in the country.