Worldwide enterprise smartphone shipments to reach 32.9 million in 2012, predicts Ovum

Telecom Lead India: Worldwide enterprise smartphone
shipments are expected to reach 32.9 million in 2012 from 26.8 million
shipments in 2011, according to Ovum.


In 2012, North America will be the leading region for the
enterprise smartphone market with 17.26 million shipments, followed Europe and
Western Europe with 11.89 million and 11.40 million shipments respectively.


According to the predictions of Ovum, Asia-Pacific region
will stand at the fourth spot with 2.9 million enterprise smartphone shipments.
Total shipments for the Middle-East & Africa will be 0.36 million in 2012.


Over the forecast period, the market will grow from 20
million shipments per year in 2010 to 54 million per year in 2016. The rate of
uptake reflects the growth in the wider smartphone market.


In 2016, North America will be the leading region for the
enterprise smartphone market with 25.55 million shipments, followed Europe and
Western Europe with 21.45 million and 20.32 million shipments respectively.


By 2016, total shipments for the Asia-Pacific and
Middle-East & Africa will be 4.5 million and 0.6 respectively.


Ovum says that the enterprise smartphone market will see
significant growth over the forecast period as enterprises increasingly adopt
smartphones to support a range of business applications.


Ovum adds that demand for enterprise smartphones is
driven by the need to support business applications on mobile devices as
enterprises adopt more flexible working patterns and continue to support
employees away from the workplace.


Furthermore, it says that the ability to download
applications to smartphones is driving uptake among consumers, and these same
consumers are putting pressure on IT departments to support similar
capabilities within the workplace.


According to Ovum, a significant blockade to market
growth is the unwillingness within some enterprises to provide mobile devices
for employees.


Ovum notes that there are some strong regional
differences in this area, with companies in Europe being more inclined to
provide mobile devices to their employees, while those in Asia-Pacific are the
least likely. While this reflects the maturity of the markets to some extent,
it also results from differences in attitudes to mobility and a willingness to
support the perceived high cost of devices and services.


Windows Phone and BlackBerry to share lead position in Asia
Pacific enterprise smartphone market by 2016


Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS are expected to share top
positions in the Asian-Pacific enterprise smartphone market with shipments of
1.14 million each by 2016.


Nokia v/s BlackBerry: Enterprise smartphone market readying for


With its latest Lumia series, mobile major Nokia is
targeting sectors like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, banking and insurance to
capture a major share of Indian enterprise smartphone market. 


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