XcelMobility Completes First Phase of Major Order for ZTE Corp. 20,000 Mach 5 Enabled USB Modems Manufactured in First Run

By Telecom Lead Team: XcelMobility, a developer of web
browsing solutions for mobile devices, has completed first phase of major order
for supplying USB modems to ZTE, a top telecom equipment maker.

As per its licensing agreement with ZTE Corporation, the
first 20,000 high speed USB modems have been manufactured and readied for
shipment to China Unicom retail locations across China.

manufactures the devices for China Unicom, the second largest mobility provider
in China with over 340 million customers.

ZTE has projected that in future up to 30 million units
per year could be installed with the Mach 5 Xcelerator.

“Not only has our Mach 5 product undergone and
passed the scrutiny of one of the world’s largest telecom equipment
manufacturers as well as of the world’s largest cellular carriers, our products
are now on the verge of mass commercialization. This proves that not only are
our products technically sound but they will also be able to generate the
Company significant revenue,” said Xcel 
CEO, Ryan Ge.

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