ZTE launches first Android 4.1 mobile handset in China

Telecom Lead Asia: ZTE has launched its first Android 4.1
(Jelly Bean) handset in China.


Last week, the Chinese telecom equipment maker released
the official version of the mobile device operating system.


The ZTE N880E smartphone runs the Google Experience
version of Jelly Bean and is the first Android 4.1 smart phone launched in
China and the third in the world. Other ZTE handsets will be launched soon with
Android 4.1.


ZTE has an excellent relationship with Google and this,
combined with our extensive R&D capabilities and our experience of
customising devices for partners around the world, means we are able to bring
new technologies to market very quickly,” said Kan Yulun, vice president and
CTO of the Handset Division, ZTE.


The ZTE N880E smart phone has a 4.0-inch capacitive WVGA
touchscreen, with a 1GHz Qualcomm 7627A processor, 4GB of memory and a 3.2MP AF
camera. It is an ultra-slim device with just 10.4mm in thickness.


The ZTE N880E was originally launched in May 2012 running
Android 2.3 and has already sold more than one million units.


Version 4.1 of the Android mobile device operating system
was released on July 13 and offers improved performance and responsiveness,
with new features such as expandable notifications and Google Now.


ZTE expects to sell 24 million smartphones in 2012


ZTE is likely to sell more than 24 million smartphones in
2012. The primary growth will be in Europe, North America, Brazil and Japan.


ZTE’s smartphone portfolio will see an expansion this
year with new handsets running the latest operating systems. In 2011, ZTE
exceeded its12 million unit smartphone sales target, which reflects a 400
percent increase year-on-year. That figure is expected to double in 2012 with
significant growth and increased market share expected in Europe, North
America, Brazil and Japan.


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