Asus expands smartphone and tablet range in India

Targeting both rural and urban India, Asus has launched its ZenFone series and Fonepad 7 in India with Asus ZenUl user interface.

ZenFone 4, 5 and 6 are priced at Rs 5,999, Rs 9,999 and Rs 16,999, respectively. Asus has not revealed the price of Fonepad, a 7 inch Android tablet.

Eric Chen, corporate vice president, Asus, said: “We believe the ZenFone and Fonepad 7 will be top smartphone choices for consumers throughout the country. We will be backing the launch of the series with an increasing presence in India as we plan to expand the number of local ASUS stores to 200 this year.”

Three devices come with Intel Atom processor and ZenUI mobile interface from Asus.

Zenfone 4 comes with a 4 inch display and two built-in cameras. A lightweight device, Zenfone is powered by Intel Atom Z2520 processor with Quad-Thread Hyper-Threading technology. The smartphone, which fall under budget category, will be available in Black, White, Red, Blue and Yellow colors.

Asus India launch

ZenFone 5 comes with 5 inch display with a1280x720 HD resolution. The smartphone has features such as PenTouch and GloveTouch technologies, which increase display sensitivity. Running on Intel Atom Z2580 2 GHz processor, the phone offers speed and energy efficiency to customers, said Asus.

The device, which is priced at Rs 9,999, has an 8 MP rear camera, which captures images and video even in low light. The device will be available in Gold, White, Red and Black.

The device comes with 6 inch screen and has features such as GoveTouch and PenTouch technologies. Running on Intel Atom Z2580 2GHz processor, the device also includes SonicMaster audio technology. The smartphone has 13MP rear with PixelMater technology and 2 MP front cameras.

Fonepad 7 is a 7 inch Andorid table and runs on Intel Atom 1.2 multi core processor with hyper threading technology.

Asus officials said that the Intel technology would help fast and responsive web browsing and smooth HD video and gaming at your fingertips. Available in White, Blue, Black and Red colors, the Fonepad has two cameras with Asus ZenUI interface.