DataWind joins Business Call to Action to bridge the digital divide

DataWind, the manufacturer of the world’s lowest cost android tablet PC, has joined Business Call to Action (BCtA), to help bridge the digital divide among millions of people in India.

The company aims to harness the potential of ICT technologies for a positive developmental impact on quality of education through its range of UbiSlate/Akash Tablets. As part of this initiative the company has expanded the rollout of Aakash tablets.

By 2017, DataWind has set a target to distribute five million tablets in India and expects that more than 80 percent will reach individuals who live at the base of the pyramid– living on less than $8 dollars a day.

Akash Tablets

“We are greatly encouraged to have DataWind join the BCtA with their unique technological approach to help reach new communities and improve access to education and technology. The impact of affordable and connected devices cannot be underestimated,” said Sahba Sobhani, acting program manager, Business Call to Action.

Working to help low-income communities readily adopt the new technology, and in an effort to provide continued quality education and Internet access to help empower students and teachers, the Indian government has subsidized the costs and the planned expansion of the mobile tablet.

DataWind is also working with service providers and network operators to provide much needed access to the Internet through these web access devices. The company has patented a unique delivery system to provide low-income consumers valuable data services at the lowest cost possible.

“DataWind is pleased to be in the company of like-minded organizations and initiatives such as the Business Call to Action that are working towards a common goal of social development by providing tools and empowering individuals and communities globally,” said Suneet Singh, CEO, DataWind.

DataWind is working with several governments and not-for-profit organizations to help them achieve their goals of elevating the quality of education and bridging the digital divide. The company is looking to expand in Thailand and a number of other regions.

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