Games, digital publishing, social networking and e-commerce top in tablet apps

Telecom Lead America: The increasing use of iPad and
Android media tablets has escalated the demand for tablet apps, averaging more
than 31 downloads per year per media tablet.


According to ABI Research’s new study, 11 of the 13.7
billion app downloads forecasted for iPad and Android media tablets in 2016 will
be focused on four categories: games, digital publishing, social networking,
and e-commerce.


The research found that media tablet app consumption will mimic smartphone app use in
some ways, but in many ways, it will be very different, according to Mark
Beccue, senior analyst, ABI Research.


Digital publishing of books, magazines, and newspapers
will flourish on media tablets in a way never seen on smartphones. Increasingly,
consumers will opt for the more versatile media tablet over dedicated eBook
readers,” Beccue added. Leveraging unparalleled interactivity and design,
publishers will gain new readers, including seniors (ages 60+) – who won’t need
custom, large-print publications anymore – and children (ages 1-9).”


ABI Research’s iPad, Android Tablet Apps” also
notes that e-commerce will be transformed by media tablets as significant
numbers of consumers forego online shopping on desktop computers for shopping
on media tablets. While e-commerce will continue to depend on websites, apps
will become increasingly important to shoppers who will take full advantage of
the media tablet’s touchscreen interface and even camera and microphone


An interesting aspect of media tablets is that it will
become increasingly popular with groups that haven’t been associated with
computing or mobile devices in the past – seniors and young children- thanks to
the touch screen interface.


These demographic groups will rely heavily on downloaded
apps over web surfing on their media tablets. Apps designed for young children,
such as books and interactive, educational games will become increasingly
popular and may even propel media tablets to become the de facto replacement of
personal DVD players, particularly in cars.


Estimates say that in 2016, nearly one billion media
tablet apps designed for young children will be downloaded.


Tablet war in Indian telecom market: domestic versus foreign


Recently Telecom Lead reported that cost effective
tablets are the new phenomena in the growing tablet PC market in
India. These days a multitude of Indian made tablets are flooding the
country. Tablet makers are betting high on Indian-made (assembled) tablets.


Indian tablet market is huge and there is a big potential
for the Indian tablet makers to tap the virgin market. Indian tablet market is
observing a transition from desktop PC to tablet PC, as more and more people
are seeking to adopt the mobility offered by tablets.


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