Holiday tablet traffic increases 229% in America

By Telecom
Lead Team:
Tablet network traffic has jumped 229 percent over an average
projected for the day after Christmas, based on historical network traffic.


January 2,
2012 also saw a bump, with a 263 percentage traffic increase – most likely from
recipients uploading holiday photos and getting familiar with their devices,
according to Jumptap.


Jumptap found
that the Kindle Fire experienced the greatest tablet growth throughout December.
The new device held 10 percent of tablet market share on December 1 and
finished the year with 30 percent market share. This year-end surge suggests a
2012 trend for lower-priced tablets.


The January
MobileSTAT report of Jumptap found that Android’s share grew 21 percentage
points (38 percent in December 2010 to 59 percent in December 2011), while iOS
dropped 7 percentage points (29 percent in December 2010 to 22 percent in
December 2011).


revealed that iOS tripled in traffic on the Jumptap network of more than 95
million unique visitors, while Android more than quadrupled.


Mobile is
quickly becoming the primary access point of the internet. Advertisers have
seen this movie before with PC based digital advertising and are allocating mobile
budgets that are larger and larger. The surge in tablet adoption rates and
raise in mobile subscribers support the expectations that mobile will
eventually outpace online,” said Paran Johar, chief marketing officer at

More broadly,
the January MobileSTAT report revealed new data about the app vs. mobile web
balance, OS click-through rates, and targeting.

A few months
back, Macquarie Group predicted that mobile search spend to be 22 percent of online
ad spend in 2012.

It also
revealed that tablet usage increased substantially and is half of all click
shares on mobile devices and conversion rates on tablets are comparable to that
of desktop search.


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