Juniper offers speeding time to revenue by up to 69% with new edge router for telecoms

Telecom Lead America: To tap service providers, Juniper Networks has launched edge services router and a single, virtualized platform for deploying multivendor applications.

“Thousands of MX customers have validated the need for massive scaling and reduced complexity driven by emerging video, applications, and cloud-based services. We see our new edge services engine as the first solution that truly empowers service providers to take control of their business by removing barriers currently hindering innovation and revenue expansion,” said said Rami Rahim, senior vice president, Edge and Aggregation Business Unit, Juniper Networks.

Juniper promises speeding time to revenue by up to 69 percent percent compared to other solutions. Most importantly, this helps service providers reverse declining revenue models by removing the complexity and time associated with service deployment.

“With data on Telstra’s fixed network doubling approximately every 17 months we need a network that is scalable, resilient and integrated. The Juniper Edge Services Router assists Telstra to manage content delivery, is highly scalable and integrates our networks. Using this equipment in our network assists us to manage the ever increasing volumes of traffic on the Telstra network,” said Mike Wright, executive director, Networks and Access Technologies, Telstra.

IDC research manager Nav Chander said public IT cloud services spending will reach over $40 billion this year and almost $100 billion in 2016. This opportunity, coupled with streaming video and audio driving nearly half of the broadband traffic today and growing, will enable service providers to increase revenue if they capitalize now on the cloud, content, and mobility drivers.

“Our ability to build highly scalable networks to support streaming video adoption and complex business applications require network innovators to deliver high performance routers and improved operational efficiency. As network bandwidth and essential business application requirements continue to advance, Juniper’s routing and software solutions empower us with the massive capacity headroom and carrier-grade features to methodically evolve our network with the new world of business,” said Kempei Fukuda, director, Network Services Division, NTT Communications.

To stay ahead of the rapid pace of mobility and cloud-optimized applications, enterprise customers need simplified communications services that will scale on-demand and remain highly reliable.

“Juniper’s networking approach enables us to seamlessly accelerate the delivery of advanced communications services to our customers without being hindered by operational complexity and performance limitations. As a result, we are precisely positioned to improve our customers’ experience and deliver competitive solutions in the future,” said Don MacNeil, chief marketing officer, XO Communications.

Recently, reported that Chinese Internet and mobile solution provider Qihoo 360 Technology has tapped Juniper Networks to build its new data center. Leveraging the Juniper Networks QFabric architecture, Qihoo 360 Technology deployed a QFX3000-G QFabric System. Qihoo 360 Technology has become the first site in China to deploy the Juniper Networks QFabric architecture.

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