Microsoft and RIM to gain from Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10

Telecom Lead America: App developers are betting big on
tablets. Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 offer hope to Microsoft and Research In

The percentage of developers primarily supporting tablets
is growing from 13 percent last year to 36 percent next year.

The lost enthusiasm for developing smartphone apps is
being replaced by a new passion for tablets.

According to Strategy Analytics, app developers are
feeling the smartphone market offers less of a perceived upside than tablets.
Tablets currently have less competition due to fewer optimized apps, a broader
range of monetization options and a more captive app audience.

The next app battleground will take place on the tablet.
Since the phone apps ecosystem has matured, it is becoming increasingly
difficult for smaller, niche developers to compete. Tablets present the future.
Tablets also present an opportunity for rebirth of Windows and BlackBerry as
they seek to build out their developer ecosystems in order to complement the
robust offerings of Apple and Android,” said Josh Martin, director of Apps
Research at Strategy Analytics.

When Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 are released, both
Microsoft and Research in Motion will seek to take advantage of the
battleground moving from phones to tablets which will allow developers to
easily build apps for both products. If implemented correctly, this approach
will increase platform importance – especially among platform skeptics.



Platform importance
next 12 months


Importance by those
responding 5 or less


Importance by those
responding 5 or less
if new OSes launch


Increase in






322 percent






276 percent


Source: Strategy Analytics.

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