Motion unveils CL900 SlateMate for seamless mobile productivity

Motion Computing,
a global provider of tablet PCs and supporting mobility solutions, announced
the launch of Motion CL900 SlateMate, a productivity tool that extends the functionality
of the CL900 Tablet PC.

Securely integrated into the tablet PC’s internal frame, the first CL900
SlateMate module includes a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) and barcode scanner
(BCS) for mobile data acquisition and transaction processing. SlateMate is
designed to enable the future delivery of new integrated configurations that
meet the needs of users across vertical markets.

The CL900 SlateMate with MSR and BCS transforms the CL900 into an
enhanced data acquisition and transaction processing device.

For retailers, SlateMate’s integrated MagTek MSR ensures easy
deployments in point-of-sale (POS) environments, while the commercial-grade BCS
reads virtually any barcode for rapid inventory status and availability

“While extended battery life still tops the list, integrated tools,
outdoor display visibility, durability and touch-screen capabilities are all
key considerations for mobile productivity solutions,” said David Krebs,
director of the Mobile and Wireless Practice at VDC Research.

As SlateMate is designed as a seamless extension of the CL900, it offers
the benefits of integrated tools without the need for third party devices.
Retailers benefit from reduced abandon rates, empowered store associates,
increased revenue per transaction and improved inventory management.

“We are seeing the majority of businesses implementing mobility
solutions not just for efficiency and productivity, but to stay competitive,”
said Marty Ramos, strategy and innovation director, Worldwide Retail Industry,

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