News Corp signs deal with AT&T to add tablet based curriculum for K-12 students

Telecom Lead America: News Corp. announced its
partnership with AT&T that will include a tablet-based curriculum for K-12


The project is an initiative of News Corp’s newly named
Amplify education business.


Amplify will work with AT&T to offer digital tools
for teachers and students.


It is our aim to amplify the power of digital innovation
to transform teaching and learning and to help schools deliver fundamentally
better experiences and results. Amplify will introduce new products in a thoughtful
way, so that technology can finally live up to its promise to advance learning
and augment teaching for students, teachers and parents everywhere,” said Joel
Klein, Amplify’s chief executive officer.


News Corp. is planning to leverage its position as a
media and publishing giant. AT&T was the first to supply mobile service to
Apple’s iPad when the product debuted in 2010.


Amplify will be housed within a new publishing company
that will be spun off from News Corp.


AT&T launches Tablets messaging for healthcare sector


AT&T has launched two highly-secure tablets messaging
offers to U.S. market to assist healthcare providers to manage regulatory
compliance and the protection of patient privacy in deploying tablets and using


This is a significant development as the messages that
contain private health information continue to be a focus area for everyone in
the healthcare community.


In addition, hospitals and healthcare providers are
relying upon the flexibility of tablets in light of the increasing number of
healthcare related apps being developed. The challenge facing the healthcare
industry is how it can use messaging and tablets in a way that protects their
patients’ confidential information.


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